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Releases Stereoflex records & inStyle guitar

The Shh
"The burning love"

type: digital EP
reference number: SFX032
Releasedate: 12.7.2013



type: album
reference number: SFX031
Releasedate: 22.3.2013


"A storm"

type: album
reference number:SFX030
Releasedate: 8.3.2013


"Summer in december"

type: Single
Releasedate: 16.11.2012

"Paying my part"

type: Single
reference number: SFX028
Releasedate: 26.10.2012

"We Know"

type: Single
reference number: SFX026
releasedate: 22.06.2012

"To our mums and dads..."

type: album
reference number: SFX025
releasedate: 8.06.2012

"Still need to dance"

type: Single
releasedate: 13.1.2012

Momofoko "Momoism"

type: Album
reference number: SFX022
releasedate: 1.04.2011

"What you want to hear"

type: Single
reference number: SFX023
releasedate: 4.3.2011

Helm van Hahm
"La Isla"

type: Album
reference number: SFX021
releasedate: 11.2.2011

Momofoko "Not Now...! Now?

type: EP
reference number: SFX020
releasedate: 16.07.2010

Bine* "Thin Red Line"

type: album
reference number: SFX019
releasedate: 25.6.2010

Neffin "anders als man denkt"

type: Album
reference number: SFX018
releasedate: 20.3.2010

Nicolas Guay
"Campanas de la Esperanza"

type: album
reference number: SFX017
releasedate: 8.01.2010

Jürgen Saalmann "Aufbruch"

typus: album
reference number: SFX015
releasedate: 8.01.2010

"Vanity Suits"

type: EP
reference number: SFX014
releasedate: 12.06.2009

Barbaros & Fabrice Ehret

type: Maxi
reference number: SFX013
releasedate: 13.03.2009

"Welcome to the future"

type: Album
reference number: SFX012
releasedate: 19.12.2008

Nema "Heaven Way"

type: Album
reference number: SFX011
releasedate: 5.12.2008

Christoph Blenker "Camouflage"

type: Album
reference number: SFX010
releasedate: 19.07.2008

Joule „Rette deine Liebe“

type: Single
reference number: SFX009
releasedate: 7.12.2007

Jürgen Saalmann „Acoustic lounge“

type: Album
reference number: SFX006
releasedate: 2.11.2007

Freifall "Flieg"

Typ: EP
Bestellnummer: SFX005
Releasedate: 7.12.2007

Freifall "Harte Worte"

type: Single
reference number: SFX004
releasedate: 8.6.2007

Joule „Glücksgriff“

type: Album
reference number: SFX002
releasedate: 07/2005

Barbaros „Details“

type: Album
reference number: SFX007
releasedate: 26.10.2007

Joule „Sommer Sonne“

type: Single
reference number: SFX001
releasedate: 05/2005

Neffin „Lieder aus dem Funkloch“

type: Album
reference number:: SFX008
releasedate: 7.12.2007

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